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BEDO is a non-governmental voluntary development organization founded in 1993 by some social entrepreneurs under the leadership of Md. Abdul Bari, a Class-1 Marine Engineer (please click here for more information about the founder). Initially BEDO targeted to address the environmental issues. Later BEDO incorporated all issues directly or indirectly linked with poverty alleviation and promotion of human rights.
Nature has provided Bangladesh enormous resources like land, water, natural gas, green forests, subtropical climate and many other things. With the passage of time the resources are being captured by an influential section of the community. This has created an imbalance of wealth in the society leading one section to be gradually poor to poorer and another section to be rich to richer. BEDO recognizes that the prevailing inequity, injustice and imbalance in the society are to be changed through motivation, utilization of manpower, awareness raising, enactment and implementation of laws/bye-laws, coordination of activities and mobilization of resources and protecting the environment.

It is quite worthy to mention that by now BEDO has already performed a variety of urgent developmental programs targeting both urban and rural issues. The broad areas of the programs may be categorized as poverty alleviation, promoting human rights, environmental development, water and sanitation, health and nutritional awareness and income generation through agro-based resource utilization.

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