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BEDO intends to expand its working area undertaking more pragmatic programs with a view to address the needs and problems of the greater number of the target people. The poor and disadvantaged people of Bangladesh are living with numerous problems such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, ill health, malnutrition, deprivation of fundamental and human rights, social insecurity, political unrest and natural disaster. Although BEDO is sincerely striving to address all these issues, but cannot do it effectively due to financial constraints.

BEDO has a plan to give more efforts and attention to the poverty alleviation program through incorporating innovative ideas and techniques so that the target people can be benefited in a meaningful and sustainable way.

On the other hand BEDO intends to make fruitful contribution in the field of healthcare including STI & HIV/AIDS prevention, promotion of human rights including women and child rights, provide training in agriculture,fisheries and animal resource development; establish value chain from marginal stage to marketing, water and sanitation, environment protection and disaster management.

Under this backdrop BEDO appeals to the philanthropists and donors of the world to extend all round support in its noble venture. BEDO welcomes any suggestion from any quarter regarding ways and means in strengthening its institutional capacity as well as service delivery system.

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