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BEDO intends to expand its working area undertaking more pragmatic programs with a view to address the needs and problems of the greater number of the target people. The poor and disadvantaged people of Bangladesh are living with numerous problems such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, ill health, malnutrition, deprivation of fundamental and human rights, social insecurity, political unrest and natural disaster. Although BEDO is sincerely striving to address all these issues, but cannot do it effectively due to financial constraints.

BEDO has a plan to give more efforts and attention to the poverty alleviation program through incorporating innovative ideas and techniques so that the target people can be benefited in a meaningful and sustainable way.

On the other hand BEDO intends to make fruitful contribution in the field of healthcare including STI & HIV/AIDS prevention, promotion of human rights including women and child rights, water and sanitation, environment protection and disaster management.

Under this backdrop BEDO appeals to the philanthropists and donors of the world to extend all round support in its noble venture. BEDO welcomes any suggestion from any quarter regarding ways and means in strengthening its institutional capacity as well as service delivery system.

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BEDO General Hospital (BGH)

BEDO has established a general Hospital in Boalia, Naogaon. The main objective of establishing the hospital is to render low cost effective medical services to the poor and disadvantaged people. BGH is set up in a single storied building. So the healthcare center cannot render services to maximum number of outdoor and indoor patients. In order to increase the capacity of the healthcare center the building should be at least 4 storied.

On the other hand, BGH is providing medical treatment to the poor people at nominal cost. So the income is very insignificant in terms of administrative cost. It should be mentioned that the Govt. of Japan did not provide administrative cost for the healthcare center. So it is facing serious crisis of fund in regard to staff salary and other expenses.

Besides, almost all people who come to BGH for treatment are very poor. They cannot buy medicine for treatment as per prescription. As a result, the patients are not cured fully and often get into serious complications. So it is very important to give them medicine free of cost.

So BGH seriously needs funding from donor organizations to fulfill the above requirements.

HIV/AIDS prevention

BEDO is working to prevent HIV/AIDS in its working areas. The work is limited only in awareness raising due to fund constraint. In order to put all-round efforts in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention BEDO needs funding from donor organizations.

Environment protection

In the towns and cities of Bangladesh household solid waste disposal is a great problem. Till now effective mechanism of household solid waste disposal is not developed in the country. As a result, environment is being polluted seriously by household solid waste.

Once it was considered that household solid waste can only be used to fill in ditch and low land. Now it is proved that household solid waste can be valuable material in producing compost, which is very much useful to restore and enhance fertility of agricultural land.

BEDO is engaged in household solid waste disposal in Naogaon town in a small way. BEDO intends to set up a compost plant in Naogaon using household solid waste as raw materials with a view to disposal of household solid waste effectively and producing compost. So BEDO needs funding from donor organizations.

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